Pilot of the Month

June 2017
Trevor Robinson - For his flying in Algodonales

May 2017
Steve Gill - For his excellent flight from Tailbridge

March 2017
Christine Nicholls - For her hard work securing new sites.

February 2017
Mark Saunby - For his excellent display of flying skill at Carlton. Exercising good decision making.

January 2017
Chris Jamieson - For his excellent display of airmanship.

November 2016
Mark Saunby - For his Ground Handling demonstrations

October 2016
John (Mad Dog) Miller -

September 2016
Ron Donaldson - For getting the best from the day at Model ridge.

August 2016
Ron Donaldson - For a triangle flight at East Hill.

July 2016
Not Given - No meeting or niminations

June 2016
John (Mad Dog) Miller - For getting the most out of a days flying.

May 2016
Chris Foster - For his flight out of the lakes from Dale Head

April 2016
Andrew Maltby - For flying from Cross Fell to literally his back yard

March 2016
Graeme Stephenson - For his flying in Brasil and his crash course in cloud suck.

February 2016
John (Mad Dog) Miller - For getting back out there

January 2016
Gary Stenhouse - For his sheer tenacicity

December 2015
Brian Rowe - For making the most of the day at Tynemouth

November 2015
Ali Guthrie - For actually getting out flying, and for being a good sport whilst not winning many trophies this year

October 2015
Brian Day - For his piloting skill when flying to a fellow pilots aid in the mouth of the Esk at Whitby.

September 2015
Helen Hurst - For making the most of a marginal day on Hownam Law

August 2015
Gordon Coulthard - For his high flying at Grasmere

July 2015
Luis Martinez Iturbe - For his flop over the back from captain cooks to roseberry topping

June 2015
Gary Stenhouse - For his epic flight from East Hill

May 2015
Bill Scott - For good sportsmanship and not being bitter in the slightest over the LCC scoring.

April 2015
Steve Gill - For his flight from Carlton Bank to just past Hull heading towards spurn. Flight HERE

March 2015
Brian Rowe - For his outstanding flight across seaham harbour a site first.

February 2015
John (Mad Dog) Miller - For his outstanding ground handling

January 2015
Helen Hurst - For her contributions to the club in her position as sites officer.

December 2014
Brian Rowe - For his Tandem flight with Moira in Tignes and being an all round good guy helping on take off.

November 2014
Ron Donaldson - For some excellent coastal ridge runs

October 2014
Graeme Gilroy - For his outstanding take off in trying conditions at Old Man Conniston

September 2014
Eddie Halton - For his flying at Cross Fell

August 2014
Angus Beardsmore - Acheivements at the Grasmere Show